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by Lily St. John McKee

Crestfall is a dark fantasy with a heart of love—for the earth, for its creatures and plants, for people who strive, care, and face down their fears. Its young heroine, Aria Andrews, interrupts her medieval history studies to attend her sister’s funeral in a town on the rugged coast of Newfound­land. Her estranged twin was murder­ed, and Aria becomes a suspect before setting out to


Lily St. John McKee was born in 1987. Finding refuge in books from childhood challenges, she graduated cum laude from Muskingum University in 2011 and earned a master’s degree at Bath Spa Uni­­versity in England. She traveled widely—to Costa Rica, Iceland, Patagonia, Egypt, and Newfoundland, the setting for her novel Crestfall, which she finished in the autumn of 2014. That winter Lily McKee fell ill and passed away on March 19, 2015.

uncover the brutal truth with the help of her brother Fynn, his girlfriend Sophie (a witch), and the forthright detective Bennet Halfnight. All three Andrews siblings possess unworldly natural powers; Aria uses hers to pursue an old antagonist and to confront new ones: shape-shifters and werewolves in this startling romantic novel of beastly gore and human tenderness.

"The moon was full, and bathed the cemetery with bright white light…. A low growl ripped through the air as a wolf the size of a compact SUV leapt from behind the trees…. Closing my eyes, I envisioned vines shooting up from the ground, grabbing hold of the wolf’s ankles—the product of my thoughts…."

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